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Pinikpikan is a dish from the Cordilleras that’s prepared by beating a live chicken, before burning, slaughtering, and cooking it. It’s name comes from the word “pikpik,” or “to beat repeatedly.” The interpretation of pinikpikan differs throughout the Cordilleras. It depends on who you’re speaking to, and furthermore, on what tribe they’re from, and what they’ve been accustomed to as taught by their elders. Nevertheless, the history is more or less standard. Pinikpikan began as a means of food-hunting by tribes of the Mountain Province. It was also done as a ritual for decision-making, with the innards of the chickens dictating good or bad. Following their beliefs—that the “life of the chicken must go back to where it belongs”—Igorots followed certain practices in preparing the bird, such as invoking the spirits and slaughtering the chicken in very specific ways.

Though some of the rituals done to prepare pinikpikan have been lost or diluted through generations, locals still regard the dish as an extension of their culture.


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